Blooming Bees Wholesale

Local, seasonal, Scottish grown flowers and foliage for the the trade.

Blooming Bees was established at Wardmill Farm in 2014 by Kelly Orr, growing predominantly for retail and weddings.

In 2020 Valerie Orr joined the business after moving from Northern Ireland where she had her own successful flower farm. With an extra pair of hands the business has evolved and expanded in both volume and range of crops. With that we wanted to offer the choice of seasonal, locally grown flowers to florists, event florists, farm shops and beyond.

Our aim is to give the floristry industry the choice to use the freshest of Scottish grown flowers, with no air miles, reduced plastic packaging, whenever in season.

We know we cannot supply local all year round but our objective is to make it the natural choice to switch to local products when they are in season.

In 2021 we began trials of sending our flowers wholesale by post/courier. This has certainly been a challenge especially trying to reach more remote areas of Scotland. However it has allowed us expand our reach without either us or our customers having to use our precious time delivering or picking up flowers.

And with that we want to make the process as easy as possible and so in 2022 we launched our new Wholesale Ordering website.

In 2022 we also invested in a cold room aid our aims of only sending out the best quality flowers and they reach you in tip top condition.

Growing expertise

We’re born and bred farmers we believe in homegrown. We understand the connection between nature and growing quality seasonal produce from seed to flower. It is ingrained in us to nurture. We have both pursued qualifications in Agriculture and Horticulture giving us the added growing knowledge to produce beautiful Scottish seasonal flowers.

We are some of the founding members of Flowers Grown in Scotland, a group with a vision to showcase Scottish Grown Flowers and highlight the Scottish Flower industry. We are also are proud to be part of the Flowers from the Farm Network.